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Olfactive Families
Citrusy Refreshing and Energizing 
  [Bergamot / Lemon / Lime / Orange / Grapefruit]
  The Citrusy family Includes Citrus Fruits such as Bergamot , Lemon , Orange , Mandarin or Grapefruit.
  They are very volatile and mainly used as top notes 
Floral  Feminine and Sophisticated
  [Rose / Orange Blossom / Jasmine / Tuberose / Orris / Ylang Ylang]
  The Floral Family is the dominant category among all olfactory groups
  Floral notes are mostly used in feminine fragrances , but are present in some successful masculine perfumes
  The floral spectrum is wide : 
  from vegetal and fresh floral notes , or young floral & fruity accords , to sophisticated bouquets
  and sensual floral fragrances.
Fruity Juicy, Modern and Fun
  [Almond , Apple , Banana , Peach/Apricot , Strawberry , Coconut , Pineapple , Grape , Melon]
  The Fruity family emerged in the 2000's with direct and powerful fruity accords
  Inspired by toiletries' scents (shower gel , deodorants , shampoo)
  Fruity notes are often used to give a modern and young appeal to classic structures. 
  The odoriferous molecules of fruit can't be extracted with classic extraction techniques.
  However , perfumers can recreate fruit smell (exotic fruit cocktail , orchard fruit , red fruit) , 
  using synthetic raw materials.
Woody  Warm Earth and Richness of woods
  [Sandalwood / Patchouli / Cedarwood / Vetivert]
  The Woody family includes varied scents of wood:
  the opulent milky notes of Sandalwood ,
  the warm earthy notes of Patchouli , 
  the dry notes of Cedarwood as well as the smoky facets of Vetyver.
  Mainly masculine , this family counts a few outstanding feminine fragrances , 
  like Feminite du Bois , that have left their mark in the perfumery history
Green  Vegetal fresh and Spring 
  [Herbal / Pine]
  The green facet captures the sharp vegetal notes of fresh-cut grass , crushed leaves or pea pods , evoking 
  springtime & naturalness. 
  This facet appeared just after World WarII with the emblematic fragrance " Vent Vert " by Balmain: the greenest 
  existing perfume , with its galbanum overdose.
Aromatic Lively Cool and Tonic Freshness 
  [Camphor / Carvone / Eucalyptol ]
  The Aromatic facet refers to herbaceous plants from the Mediterranean basin , commonly used for cooking
  Mostly present in masculine fragrances , often associated with Fougere or Woody notes , they bring a lively and 
  tonic freshness.
  Aromatic notes vary from lavender scents to minty , camphoraceous or aniseed notes.
Criental Sensuous , Warm and Fascinating 
  The Oriental family refers to a specific perfumery accord based on: Citrusy top notes , laying on Vanila and 
  Ambery back notes.
  Also called Ambery (or Opoponax) , the Oriental family is described as warm, rich , powerful , sensuous and
  Shalimar , created in 1925 , remains the iconic fragrance of the Oriental family.
Fougere Masculine and Fresh of Nature
  [Citrusy / Lavender / Geranium / Woody (Oak Moss & Patchouli) / Coumarin]
  The Fougere family was named after Fougere Rolale by Houbigant in 1884.
  It refers to a perfumery accord made of Citrusy Lavender , Geranium, Woody (Oak Moss & Patchouli) and
  Coumarin notes.
  The fougere accord is often blended with aromatic notes in classic masculine scents.
Chypre  Elegance and Mystery 
  [Oakmoss / Bergamot]
  The Chypre family doesn't refer to any specific natural element.
  The name comes from the successful "Chypre" fragrance created by Coty in 1917 which became the founder 
  of this olfactory family.
  The Chypre accord is based on the contrast between a fresh Citrusy top note and a background of Oak Moss &
Powdery Soft and Comfortable
  The Powdery facet evokes
  the soft , classic, ferminine ,
  cosmetic, comfortable 
  and wrapping notes
  of rice powder.
Musky The Musky facet brings longs-lastingness and silage to fragrances.
  The natural Musk (also called Tonkin Musk) , originally obtained from the fawn , had a strong animalic , woody , dry 
  and sensual scent
  It  has been replaced by synthetic molecules , whose notes are softer and clean , round and comfortable , with
  a skin-like effect.
Aldehydic Clean , Fresh and Sharp
  The Aldehydic facet appeared at the beginning of the 20th century.
  The discovery of these molecules widened the perfumer's palette.
  Their scant can be metallic, sharp , clean of fatty , warm, soapy , dry-cleaning-like.
  All aldehydes have in common a strong diffusion power.

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